Modi’s Government new scheme enough for the migrant workers??

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Modi’s Government launched “One nation One card” under the PDS scheme: With the long distribution network of ration supply, now Indian Government is trying to integrated it with the central network. Public distribution schemes have its own complication because these schemes are mostly own by state governments and it worked with Ration Cards. Now these ration cards holders are totally depend upon a single PDS shop’s owner and it cause corruption at the grass root level .

Modi’s Government launched “One nation One card” under the PDS scheme

What is the new PDS Scheme?

Government called this scheme “One Nation One Card”. As it’s name says, One card will be valid in all India. As of now only Bihar, Punjab, UP, Himachal and Daman and Diu have been integrated with the ‘one nation, one ration card’ scheme. 60 crore beneficiaries from 17 states and UTs will get benefited and can purchase the subsidized food grains using the existing ration cards. This scheme will ensue all beneficiaries especially migrants can get food grains from any PDS shop all over the nation irrespective of their state.

Benefits :-

  • “One Nation One Card” will be helpful to the beneficiaries, migrant workers  as well as it will help to curtail corruption in PDS shops.
  • This scheme also aims to remove the chance of anyone holding more than one ration card to avail benefits from different states. In that case all data will be centralized and automatically person holding more than one card will be easily identified.
  • It will be also helpful for PDS shopkeeper to maintain the distribution data.

Standard of the Card :-

  • For the use of National propose, states have been told to use bilingual language in the card. One language to be local language and second language could be English or Hindi.
  •  Every card should have 10 digit unique number. Where first two number specify State code and further two digits will be for the running card number. Last two digits will be specifically use for the identification of family members on a single card.
  • States have been told that card should have unique design, which has been given by central government.

More challenges are ahead :-

  • India’s most significant problem are corruption at the grass root level. It is to be noticed that every states have its own Public Distribution system (PDS), where implementation of this scheme will cause boost corruption in already Public Distribution System (PDS).
  • Another problem is many states has not given there nod to implement this scheme in their state.
  • Convincing state government is itself a major task for the central government.


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