Will “Darbar Move” between Jammu and Srinagar stop?

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J&K high court ordered to take final call on “Darbar move” a 148 year old practice of shifting capital annually between Jammu and Srinagar. This “Darbar mover” was started by Raja Ranbir singh in late 19th century because of extreme weather condition in Srinagar during winter season. Hundred of trucks, office furniture, files etc. moved along with the capital movement.

Why need to stop this practice?

During the capital shifting a huge amount of money spent on transportation which results in wastage of tremendous amount of time, efforts and energy on inefficient and unnecessary activity. Shifting also effect the efficiency of government. It also effect the justice dispensation because government is not available in the one part subsequently in other season these delays happen. Some time it also lead to the leak of secret data during shifting because these office files and government records transport in the hire truck.

High court in their interpretation says these practice lead to heavy revenue losses and this shifting should be rationalized and the money saved could be utilized for the welfare of the society. During the corona pandemic these “Darbar move” could be dangerous. High court also stated that the reason behind “Darbar Move” is not logically correct as per the current situation. However, Regional parties in Jammu and Kashmir advocated the continuation of the practice “to help in the emotional integration between two diverse linguistic and cultural regions of Jammu and Kashmir.”

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